A Quilted Fairy Tale


This book came in the mail the other day. If you ask my husband, I will pretend that I knew nothing about it and the Universe merely willed me to have it. It must have been quite a coincidence that it came in an Amazon box. Really.

Actually, I bought it as a gift for R for in his Easter basket. But, I also kind of bought it for me too. The story is simple and clear and not too lofty. It’s a wonderful (old) story about how Spring comes forth as the seasons change. However, the real reason I bought it was for the illustrations.

They are from a handmade quilt.


This is an old German story and the quilter remembered it from when she was a child and decided to create a quilt to help her through a difficult time in life.

I would LOVE to see the quilt in person, but I’m sure they would kick me out of the line for standing there too long and drooling over it. Perhaps, I will have to try this instead?

As for now, I am content to gaze at the pictures from the book and wonder in awe at the magnificent skill and love transformed from the fabric. Quilts always have the best stories.


Have a wonderful weekend.

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