A sense of wonder


Ronan and I sat at his table this morning, ate our breakfast, and quietly observed the bluejays as they pecked at acorns in our front yard. His table sits in front of the window from our kitchen and my pregnant body isn’t too keen on scrunching up there for long periods of time. But, today, I sat with Ronan at his table (rather than at the big table) and we were richly rewarded.

It’s quite ironic that we were able to watch these birds as I just returned from a short seminar for my Montessori 3-6 training on observational science. Our instructor read a passage from Rachel Carson’s book, A Sense of Wonder and I noticed the similarities between how we are trying to teach Ronan to observe, mostly by imitating, and her exploration with her young nephew. Sometimes I feel that we wander aimlessly along, but perhaps, that is exactly the point.

In other news: I. must. save. up. for. a. telephoto. lens. Immediately.