A weekend of sewing

The steady hum of the sewing machine filled much of my Sunday. I had a chance to sit and work on some baby-related items, knowing that soon they will be put to good use. I love the anticipation, and yet, the peaceful calm that accompanies those thoughts.


Since this is our first foray into cloth diapering, I made some cloth wipes from some old receiving blankets. I’m not sure how pretty they are, but they should be functional. I do believe that I will be adding ‘serger’ to my Christmas wish list.

While my lovely husband washed my car, (I think nesting is hitting me hard), and ran to the grocery store with our son, I made some nursing pads (based loosely on this pattern) and more of those easy bibs.

It was a very relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon – a chance to revel in the stillness and quiet before birth, a chance to reflect upon our anticipation, and a chance to be “useful” in such an artistic way.

3 thoughts on “A weekend of sewing

  1. Liz

    I had originally thought about it, but after factoring my time (kind of limited) and the material cost – and the need to buy a serger, I figured it would be a better investment just to buy some. We’re starting out slow and working our way into it.
    I’ve ordered a variety (AOI, pocket, and prefolds and we’re going to figure out which ones we like best). We always meant to use cloth with Ronan, but we were pretty overwhelmed by being new parents, we never got around to doing to the research on which kinds we wanted to use. Since I bought a bunch, we will have no choice! Any helpful hints?

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