Art Appreciation: Three-year-old style


(I made a color copy of The Yellow House from the book, Vincent’s Colors)

These books have been displayed on the top of the “work” shelf for the past month or so. I briefly introduced them and we read them once or twice before Ronan lost interest. But, I left them out on the shelf, mostly due to a lack of knowing what else to do with them.

Last week, we were in Michael’s searching for some craft supplies and we walked past the pre-printed pictures. Ronan stopped me and shouted, “Hey, it’s like the book.” After some discussion, I realized he was pointing to a print of Starry Night.

Hmm. So, you just need to expose them to the art…and they will notice.

Update 3/2015: I just discovered that the web site,, has a complete biographical page on Vincent van Gogh, which includes many of his other paintings.  And, as a librarian, I can tell you that I applied evaluation criteria to their web site and it checks out!

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Art Appreciation: Three-year-old style

  1. Madeline

    I stumbled upon your blog recently and am really enjoying it. What a wonderful story, and so true! It just amazes me what little ones pick up while we’re not looking.

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