Birthdays, Skirts and New Babies

February is a month of birthdays. Past presidents, to be sure, but ours as well. We also know a special little girl who shares our birthday month. Her first month on this earth (three years ago) was welcomed with this gift:



I think it was only the second quilt I had made (not counting that first one I made in quilt class). It was a pattern from this book. I varied the pattern a bit and had some leftover fabric which I stashed away for another project.

And, so while I was brainstorming a gift for her and her newborn sister, I spied that old fabric in my stash. And, I found this tutorial on toddler skirts.



A little green flower sewn on the top and voila : instant outfit. I find it adorable…hopefully, she will too. Her little sister got one too, but with a paired down skirt (in which I just winged the measurements and I hope they fit in a few months when it gets warmer).


I added some leftover fabric between the ruffles – not too much and I didn't want to add anything stiff or scratchy on the inside for such delicate skin. Just a little Stitch Witchery and it was done in a flash. (Helped to keep down those ruffles too).

And, what did I make for Joey?


A chocolate mousse pie with homemade graham cracker crust. A simple list of ingredients and easy to make. Here's the recipe. Sort of like a chocolate cheesecake. Very, very good.

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