Blueberries…for me


We went blueberry picking! I thought we would never be able to find the extra time. (We bought a house and moved within the last month, unpacked and painted, drove to Illinois to mourn a relative, and enjoyed many, many lovely visits with extended family). Although we missed the Florida opportunities for picking blueberries, we were able to catch the last week of a local blueberry farm near Gram and Pappy's house – just north of Atlanta.

I was so excited. I've never been to a u-pick farm and I was super excited to take Ronan. We talked all the way there about picking the berries. When we finally got started, we found a shady spot and proceeded to fill our buckets…for about twenty minutes. And, then the novelty was over for him. It may have something to do with the fact that he doesn't actually like to eat blueberries or that we were visiting relatives he doesn't get to see that often. I entertained him for another forty-five minutes or so and with my bucket only a quarter of the way full, we headed to checkout. We weighed in at a pound a half (which means that after two batches of muffins and a few hastily-eaten handfuls, we are out of blueberries). 


We learned a lot and got to be outside – in July – without melting. (Hint: Go early before the sun gets too high and the blueberries are picked clean by everyone who went out early). Also, this is what poison ivy – in the South – looks like:


For some reason, I had always thought the three leaves were connected – as in the same leaf with three prongs. Thankfully, we didn't encounter any on our skin, but just to be sure, the nice people at the farm had some lotion which protects you from the plant oils. Who knew?

And, it wasn't a total loss for Ronan. He enjoyed himself and there was a special treat at the farm. It required a mandatory stop – before and after picking the blueberries. An old tractor is always a required activity for my tractor-obsessed boy.


We had fun and I enjoyed the alone time with my oldest. And, we'll definitely do it again next year. Maybe
twice. Once with the kids and once without. Hmm…why stop at two times? I love those blueberry muffins!

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