Book Review :: Game Design for kids


In an effort to utilize my librarian background, I am embarking on a series of book reviews, to be published every Friday. These reviews will cover computer programming books aimed at children, as well as reality-based children’s books.

game_designAges 9 and up
Austic, Greg. 21st Century Skills Innovation Library: Game Design. Cherry Lake Publishing: Ann Arbor, MI, 2014.

This charming, yet slim book packs a lot of information regarding design. Although the author primarily talks about board games, the tools he has given will benefit anyone seeking a way to be creative and become a more efficient brainstormer.

The five chapters progress from a general description of “games” to the more advanced practice of brainstorming ideas and prototyping new game designs. The ideas in this book are simply delivered, but provide concrete guidance for getting started in game design. This is a great book to get kids (and adults) started on the process of creative brainstorming. While it is definitely not a read-aloud book, I recommended sitting down with your child and talking about some of the suggestions…and then, get out your pencil, paper and markers and start prototyping together.