Book Review :: Twitter Safety and Privacy

In an effort to utilize my librarian background, I am embarking on a series of book reviews, to be published on Fridays. These reviews will cover science education books for and about children, as well as reality-based children’s books for a Montessori lifestyle.

Twitter Safety and Privacy

Twitter Safety and Privacy

Ages: 12 and up
Henneberg, Susan. Twitter Safety and Privacy: a guide to microblogging. The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.: New York, 2014.

The six chapters in this book cover more information (than you could imagine) about Twitter and online safety, but the information will find a good audience with teens and their worried parents.

Students are legally allowed to open a Twitter account (without a parent’s permission) at age thirteen. As a parent myself, I can see why parents might be a little frightened at this prospect. Thankfully, the book offers a lot of helpful advice on how to use Twitter responsibly (including many anecdotes about how famous people have misused Twitter to their own detriment).

Chapters three and four provide numerous examples of “tweets gone bad.” These include tweets from famous people who thought they were sending private messages or sent a rage-fueled rant before letting themselves cool down. There is a strong emphasis on using Twitter appropriately and a good reminder that we need to think before we speak.

While there is a little bit of fear-mongering in the book, concerned parents may prefer the “think first” approach that it also advocates. With all books of this type, I highly recommend that a parent read it with their teenager. You are not going to convince them to remember everything they read, but you will show your teenager that the topic is important and it will be easier to bring up later in casual conversation.