The Brick Chronicles – Lego Name Tag

The Brick Chronicles feature unique creations made with Lego® bricks. Hopefully you, and the children in your life, will find them as inspiring as I do!

pic of lego nametag - says JOE

Made by Liz, for her husband Joe. Sadly, he didn’t even wear it!

I came up with this Lego name tag while brainstorming some Lego challenges for last month’s summer expo. I was trying to find something fun, but unique, that would be easy for kids to make.

I had some pin backings on hand (from our hand-sewn pin project), and there’s always a hot glue gun in arm’s reach. A quick Lego build combined with a little hot glue, and you have an instant name tag. Thankfully, the hot glue gun was low temp so it didn’t melt the Lego base.

pic of back of lego name tag

One of my favorite things about hot glue is how easily it will come off of certain surfaces.










You don’t need to be limited to just name tags. You could have students use their initials, especially if their name is too long to fit. You could design an art pin that displays the concept of contrast or encompasses 3-D structures. The possibilities are endless. And, when you are done, pull off the hot glue and return the legos to the bin.