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Birthdays, Skirts and New Babies

February is a month of birthdays. Past presidents, to be sure, but ours as well. We also know a special little girl who shares our birthday month. Her first month on this earth (three years ago) was welcomed with this gift:



I think it was only the second quilt I had made (not counting that first one I made in quilt class). It was a pattern from this book. I varied the pattern a bit and had some leftover fabric which I stashed away for another project.

And, so while I was brainstorming a gift for her and her newborn sister, I spied that old fabric in my stash. And, I found this tutorial on toddler skirts.



A little green flower sewn on the top and voila : instant outfit. I find it adorable…hopefully, she will too. Her little sister got one too, but with a paired down skirt (in which I just winged the measurements and I hope they fit in a few months when it gets warmer).


I added some leftover fabric between the ruffles – not too much and I didn't want to add anything stiff or scratchy on the inside for such delicate skin. Just a little Stitch Witchery and it was done in a flash. (Helped to keep down those ruffles too).

And, what did I make for Joey?


A chocolate mousse pie with homemade graham cracker crust. A simple list of ingredients and easy to make. Here's the recipe. Sort of like a chocolate cheesecake. Very, very good.

birthday crowns

Among my our new family traditions is the very popular birthday crown. We started with Ronan's fourth birthday and it seems to be one of the easiest handmade birthday gifts to give (and make). It's simple, doesn't take up much space and is genuinely well-received (always nice for a handmade gift to be well-loved). Plus, I get to stretch my creative limits and consider the personality of the child and how the crown will be used. Each time I make one, I think it is my favorite. And, then another comes along. A recap of the past few months…

…delicate and full of brightness…



…fit for a princess…


…calm and playful (even with a bit of a cold).


I love this picture – the boy, his crown and the action of a mind-blowing sneeze.

Wrapped up in mama-made love

I greatly admire all of those women (and dads, working moms, etc.) who can juggle the kids, provide home-cooked healthy food, sew most of the family's wardrobe, sustain a wonderful marriage, grow a home business while the kids sleep – and still manage to produce healthy, well-adjusted homeschooled kids. Whew! I'm not there yet, but I'm pretty happy with the stuff I do manage to do well. Which means that every once in a while, my kids get some mama-made goodness. 


Pajama pants. My absolute favorite thing to sew. They sew up fast and make me feel like I can/do provide for my family a la Ma Ingalls. (It's this pattern, found a few years ago). I've used tracing paper and made numerous pants. Thank goodness my oldest son enjoys picking out fabric – bright orange and busy. His favorite.

And, since it's one of the few items that actually gets finished around here…why not wear them as pants? with shoes. outside.


Those are Christmas Eve pajamas – still going. Not too bad for a thrifted flannel sheet. (I made the pants one size bigger and tacked at the bottom…next year they should still be in one piece).

Since there are two boys in the family now, my littlest one has also been included in this new pajama pants tradition. (How I love sewing for two – so much fun)! I traced a pair of his regular pants and this time, remembered to make the waist a bit wider so the elastic could stretch.


A quick side note: how do those mamas of multiples get a picture with both of the kids together? Clean and in the same pair of pants at the same time? I'm perplexed. Formal portraits aside, the pants fit him and I love seeing him wearing them. Oh, yes, pajama pants – they make me feel good.

(Apparently, I neglect sweeping up after breakfast in favor of sewing pajama pants. Sigh.)

better late than never :: skirt


I finally applied the hem to this "pregnancy" skirt that I started, oh, six months ago. I wore it once with a rough hem and put it aside to work on…it never made it to the sewing pile until I remembered it a few weeks ago. I bought some pre-made bias tape and – voila! – instant hem. (I'm tall and I needed the extra length – AND – my hemlines are never as pretty as I would like).

It was this pattern and I love it. It's the perfect transition between a post-partum and pre-pregnancy body. I used a three-inch piece of elastic rather than the belly band since the first skirt I made hung a bit low and required a l-o-n-g shirt. I do believe that I am in love with elastic skirts. I'm thinking of making another one for everyday wear. I'll let you know if it takes another six months!

Have a great weekend!

A weekend of sewing

The steady hum of the sewing machine filled much of my Sunday. I had a chance to sit and work on some baby-related items, knowing that soon they will be put to good use. I love the anticipation, and yet, the peaceful calm that accompanies those thoughts.


Since this is our first foray into cloth diapering, I made some cloth wipes from some old receiving blankets. I’m not sure how pretty they are, but they should be functional. I do believe that I will be adding ‘serger’ to my Christmas wish list.

While my lovely husband washed my car, (I think nesting is hitting me hard), and ran to the grocery store with our son, I made some nursing pads (based loosely on this pattern) and more of those easy bibs.

It was a very relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon – a chance to revel in the stillness and quiet before birth, a chance to reflect upon our anticipation, and a chance to be “useful” in such an artistic way.

Handmade bibs – easy, easy, easy

The pull to the sewing machine has been strong lately. I am constantly rummaging through my fabric stash, wondering, what can I create today? I have made some matching pajama pants for my two babes out of some knit fabric that had found its way to the bottom of the stash. (I had originally intended to make something for my now 8-year-old nephew as a baby – ha!).

Regardless, it found me and I found it and together we made something useful, but I still had some fabric leftover. With a motherly tug of heart, I knew that it would probably not be held over for a third child. And, then, I saw what I could create:


The easiest baby bibs known to man, thankfully modeled by two of R’s stuffed animals. (Seeing as how, at present time,  my baby still enjoys the dark, warmth of my womb).

I found the pattern here, from a very fun sewing blog. Her pattern was easy to use and there was no need to enlarge the print out. Just cut, tape and go.

The pattern does call for snaps and I was a little bit frightened, but after doing some research and finding a video or two, I felt confident enough to give it a try.


As you can see, they are firmly attached and they work! Plus, it was loads of fun to pound on the snap tool with a hammer (even if it meant wrestling the hammer away from my 3-year-old). And, quite frankly, surprisingly easy. It’s funny how simple a process becomes once it is broken down into steps.

So, I may have picked up just a little more flannel at my craft store while purchasing the snap tool today. Maybe.