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Inspiration from everyday

This book has been making the rounds on the crafty blog circuit and I was curious to get my hands on it and thumb through it. The projects look fun and I'm eager to get started on a few, but it was her words that resonated much more with me.

"I think there is no better way to honor the children in my life than to give them my best, most beautiful, most heartfelt handwork, my hopes and dreams for them gathered into the seams, my love tucked safely into every fold."
                                                                                                    – Alicia Paulson

Um, hello? Did she read my thoughts? I feel a bit like Clark Kent when he realized he wasn't the only one. (Yes, I am a bit of a geek too).


I understand that not everyone will love or appreciate the handmade goodies I make – and that's okay. I enjoyed making them and it really is the thought that counts (I was thinking of you while I made it). Besides, I am lucky that I have my own personal cheering section – a wonderful little boy who loves his handmade pajama pants and thinks his mama can make almost anything.

And, while this book will be returned to the library, I plan on borrowing it again in four or five months to get started on some very useful, everyday projects. Her book contains a lot of these projects – the ones you use everyday and treasure. These are kept out in the open, not tucked away in an acid-free box (although, a few of those are important too).


Before I opened this book, I have to admit that I had never visited her blog. But, her views on blogging and life in general have inspired me by recognizing that it is the everyday that is special, not just those extra-dressy occasions.

"The best thing about having a blog is that, if you do it every day, you start to see every day as an opportunity, not just to take a picture of and talk about jam, but to look at things differently. An opportunity to gain some perspective on the prosaic aspects of our lives, those we tend to take for granted."                                                                                         – Alicia Paulson

I have found inspiration in the everyday things and I wonder (daily) at how lucky I am to be blogging and gaining awareness from the gifts that are constantly presented before me. I look forward to creating more with my loves and appreciating even the boring, utility sewing that has to happen around here. Because, every time I see or touch those projects, I know it was made with thoughtful love and inspiration. What's inspring you these days?