Camps & Classes 2017

Artisan Education is no longer offering in-person camps or classes, but Liz will be reprising her teaching role through Santa Fe’s “College For Kids” program in July. She will be teaching beginning sewing and two classes on the programming language, Scratch. Sign up through CFK.


Gainesville Camps 2016


Robotics for Young Programmers
Summer camp for younger learners,
using Lego® WeDo and Lego® Bricks.


Code Camp
Get your kids coding with MIT’s Scratch,
a visual programming language designed to
teaching programming skills.

Making in Action
Create a stop-motion animation video while being empowered with the maker mindset. Students will create their own sets, characters and stories.


All Day Computer Camp
This camp combines ‘Robotics for
Young Programmers’ and ‘Code Camp.’