In the week before major events (holidays, birthdays, etc.) it seems as if I need four extra hands and another twenty-four hours in every day. I must have been wearing my "super-crafting-ability" goggles at the time I made out this list of to-be-made items for my boys. Of course, I could drop a few things, but my heart is set and I do like to have some sort of crafting traditions. Plus, our table has been cleared every morning – in anticipation – of all the crafty projects surrounding our upcoming holiday.

During the day, we're trying some crafts (directions found here). And, tomorrow, we're attempting egg-dyeing with all natural materials (found here). Wish us luck!


And, at night? A tired mama puts on some tea and works some crafting magic.


Have a happy and safe Easter!

One thought on “Crafting

  1. Madeline

    I’ve given myself a bit of a break this Easter…although we will be painting wooden eggs, and I’ve still been up to some crafty stuff after hours. I just can’t help myself. Have a happy Easter!

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