Does yarn have a siren song?

Dear luscious yarn,

I'm not quite sure how you made it home with me. Please don't misunderstand, I meant to get some yarn – that's why I was at the yarn store and now that you are here, well, let's just say, you won't be going back. But, I was looking for a lovely yellow yarn with flecks of orange. And, well, you don't exactly meet that criteria.

I feel that you knew immediately how I felt about you. It seemed that your lovely strands hopped into my hands and before I knew it, the yarn was on the counter. I walked away from you – assuming that if I put some distance between myself and the fiber – the pull would not be so strong.

And, yet, you knew. Your soft fibers had me pegged me as soon as I walked into the store. Yellow yarn? Ha! We have nothing that you are looking for, but just look at me – I'm aquamarine. Oh, yes, I noticed the fiber content as well: 50% organic cotton and 50% merino wool. Size 7 needles – yes, yes, I can do that size needle.

And, then I picked you up. So soft…such a gorgeous color. It all happened so quickly. And, then you were in a bag and I had bought two skeins. Without a project in mind. I think I might be addicted to this yarn stuff. I am buying yarn without a stated project. Everyone I know will be getting something knitted for Christmas this year. Indeed.


So, does yarn have a siren song?

3 thoughts on “Does yarn have a siren song?

  1. Madeline

    Yes. That is how I’ve ended up with drawers full of the stuff. I have to stay away from yarn stores now. They are dangerous!
    That would have called to me too…totally can’t blame you. 😉

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