Earth Day Resolution

Earth Day came…and went. However, I have been thinking about our SECOND annual Earth Day resolution for quite some time. Here's last year's. We've mostly stuck to it, although, someone (cough, Joey, cough) has a bit of a problem with the quality of the recycled toilet paper. This year's discussion went something like this:

Me: "So, it's time for our Earth Day Resolution."
Joey: "Huh?"

Oh, my poor husband. He tries so hard and we work so well together, but we are really both "idea" kind of people and we tend to fall short on the everyday details and following through with projects. (Which is probably why I have lots of fabric and patterns and ten half-finished projects stashed around the house). But, I love this idea – a conscious decision to continue on this environmentally-friendly path…one change at a time. So, I've decided to work on eliminating as much plastic from our food shopping, as possible.

We already bring cloth bags, though we do utilize some of the plastic ones for bathroom garbage (another resolution for another time). I've just ordered some lightweight mesh bags for produce and to choose dry goods from the bins at our local natural food store. Found here on Etsy. I know that I could make these. But, I haven't and it's been a year since I've been thinking about them. (Please see the above note about being short on the follow through…)


Along with making a tangible change, I was also directed to this book by a friend. I'm a few chapters into it and already it is making me think. I love that. Especially, since it's not what I was expecting from the introductory chapters. Another little change, hopefully for the better.

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Resolution

  1. Madeline

    Y’all sound like me and Stephan. We’re definitely “idea” people.
    Really, I should be ashamed of my stash of fabric and unfinished projects.
    Enjoy your book!

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