Easter Celebrations

This was the first year that Calum really got into the Easter holiday. (And, by holiday, I mean that he enjoyed hunting for eggs. Though, the boys were very subdued and well-behaved at church).

Since he was competing against a five-year-old, a six-year-old and a seven-year-old, he had a little help from his dad (and his mom and his aunt).


In addition to some of those traditional Easter things, this year we wanted to give a little something, instead of just giving something up for Lent. I thought a scrap quilt might be something that Ronan could work on and something that might actually get finished (though, I was hoping for completion by Easter. Oh well).

We opened up the project to some of our homeschool friends and everyone wanted to participate. I read the story of The Quiltmaker's Gift – one of my favorite, though lengthy, stories. Many of the older kids (5 and up), sewed the blocks together themselves into a simple nine-patch square. Ronan preferred using the sewing machine and he was fun to watch as he settled into the seat in front of the sewing machine. He took his job seriously, enjoyed it and was relatively straight with his seams (as long as he took his time). Six is a very helpful age.


Don't you model everything in your socks too?

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