First Grade…and lots of shelf work

Although we are technically a year-round kind of homeschool family, we did take a bit of a break in July and early August for vacation and some Montessori-material making. But, we’re back at it this week – officially!


We’re working on spelling – and revisiting the “wh” set of letters. My first grader is also ready to learn to “write correctly” as he says. He was never really interested, so I didn’t push much, but he wants to do it the “right” way, so I’m here to help. 🙂

(an archepalego – pronounciation here)

I finally got around to introducing landforms this year. Brown modeling clay and a small pitcher of water is bliss for this kinesthetic learner. Plus, he’s reading the small book I made about them. (Sneaky mama – with the reading).

And, this year, Calum joins us with shelf work. Lots of sorting and pouring.