Florida Gardening :: Fall Planting

I know that it’s Friday and this should be a book post, but the weather has been so nice that we have been outside. Finally!

I always get a little jealous when the northerners start talking about tending to their gardens. Usually that’s sometime In June, and in Florida, the temperature is well into the 90s and it is just. too. hot. Our Spring garden is wrapping up, the bugs have practically taken over and I am sweating by nine o’clock. I don’t want to go outside unless we are jumping into a pool or playing in the ocean. Unfortunately, my kids reflect my bad attitude toward the heat.

Thankfully, we eventually get a break and it begins to dip into the low 70s (at night, mind you) in mid-September. Then, I am excited to go out and work in the garden again.

A few weeks in and my Daikon Radishes are looking good. We saute the greens.

A month into Fall gardening and my Daikon Radishes are looking good. We eat the greens and the ferment the radish.

I prepped my Fall garden last month and managed to plant some Daikon Radish seeds and laid down some brown paper in between the rows. A lot of the radish seeds sprouted and survived the heat blast from last week, but the weeds in the remaining rows were starting to reclaim the space.  This past weekend, with temperatures in the upper 70s (as a high), I managed to finish up the garden prep.

Inspired by this post, I went with pine straw as a mulch since it’s really tough to find organic hay around here. I did get a bit lazy and am using seeds from the big box store down the road. We’ll see how those actually turn out for our Florida weather and soil.

My tiny gardening plot, hidden among the Liriope grasses in the front yard.

My tiny gardening plot, hidden among the Liriope grasses in the front yard.

On the far left: Organic Bibb (Limestone) Lettuce from Ferry Morris. Second from left: Organic Miyashige White Daikon Radish seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Third from left: Organic Spinach (Bloomsdale Long Standing) from Ferry Morris. Fourth row from left: same Daikons as above. Last row on the right: Red Leaf Kale (purchased as starts from the local feed and seed store).