Handmade bibs – easy, easy, easy

The pull to the sewing machine has been strong lately. I am constantly rummaging through my fabric stash, wondering, what can I create today? I have made some matching pajama pants for my two babes out of some knit fabric that had found its way to the bottom of the stash. (I had originally intended to make something for my now 8-year-old nephew as a baby – ha!).

Regardless, it found me and I found it and together we made something useful, but I still had some fabric leftover. With a motherly tug of heart, I knew that it would probably not be held over for a third child. And, then, I saw what I could create:


The easiest baby bibs known to man, thankfully modeled by two of R’s stuffed animals. (Seeing as how, at present time,  my baby still enjoys the dark, warmth of my womb).

I found the pattern here, from a very fun sewing blog. Her pattern was easy to use and there was no need to enlarge the print out. Just cut, tape and go.

The pattern does call for snaps and I was a little bit frightened, but after doing some research and finding a video or two, I felt confident enough to give it a try.


As you can see, they are firmly attached and they work! Plus, it was loads of fun to pound on the snap tool with a hammer (even if it meant wrestling the hammer away from my 3-year-old). And, quite frankly, surprisingly easy. It’s funny how simple a process becomes once it is broken down into steps.

So, I may have picked up just a little more flannel at my craft store while purchasing the snap tool today. Maybe.