inside art

What does one do when the weather alternates between extreme heat and torrential downpour – and – you've already been to the library that morning…




lots of inside art. Ronan's art, Mom's art, a crying Calum kind of art (those are my uneven squiggles, in case you are interested). I "worked" on lines – straight, crossed -  while Ronan discovered that a sponge can cover way more area than a simple paintbrush. And, I was fortunate enough that we didn't get anything near the laundry basket that was also sharing our space. Nice.



4 thoughts on “inside art

  1. Madeline

    How awful is it that I’ve never pulled out the paints with Levi?!! I’m still working on getting him to understand that he’s not allowed to draw on every available surface. I’m intimidated by explaining that one while he wields a paintbrush.
    Looks like y’all had such fun though!

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