Introduction to Scratch

Introduction to Scratch 2.0 Course

In this four-session course, students will be introduced to the educational programming language, Scratch, which was developed by MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group. Scratch is a visual way to create computer programs (animations, interactions, mazes, games, etc.).  This class shows you the basics of Scratch 2.0. We will guide you through steps to create your own account and we’ll also help you write a program or two.

This FREE online class will prepare you to take any of the beginning-level courses offered through Artisan Education. It will also prepare you to go out and explore Scratch on your own.


  1. Preliminary Lesson: Setting up an Account
  2. Lesson One: Move the Cat
  3. Lesson Two: Paint Editor
  4. Lesson Three: Background and Privacy Settings
  5. Lesson Four: Scratch and the XY-Grid


More Scratch 2.0 Resources

I have been using and teaching Scratch for the last three years, but I owe a lot of knowledge to the work put forth by many contributors. In addition to creating your own programs and animations, there are a number of useful books, classes and web sites available to increase your skills with Scratch. Here are a few resources I would recommend.

  1. Super Scratch Programming Adventure for Scratch 2.0
  2. Super Scratch Programming Adventure for Scratch 1.4
  3. Learn to Program with Scratch
  4. Programming in Scratch – an EdX course from Harvey Mudd
  5. ScratchEd — a resource for teachers