It’s finished – the knitted baby blanket


As a new knitter, I realize that making a blanket is kind of like making a very, very wide scarf. It's not the new challenge of a hat or socks (eek). You just keep knitting and eventually it will be finished. In fact, this was what kept me from taking up knitting during my first pregnancy.

I saw the seemingly never-ending project as tedious. At that time, I just didn't understand the peace and contentment that I could gain from such a repetitive and relaxing action.

It has taken me three months to finish this blanket. But, during that time it has gone everywhere with me. I've knit at music class, at the playground, and on the long drives. And, I have to say that I am now an addicted knitter (um, I think it's the yarn).

This pattern started out from Debbie Stoller's book, although, I have veered so far from the pattern that it could probably just be called a very large washcloth. It started out as the big, bad, baby blanket which had a seed stitch border and four-squares of knit/purl. I had to modify the yarn choice since this is Florida and even on our coldest days, wool is just too much.

So, I had subbed this yarn in quebracho and cubo (brown) and natural (as called for in the pattern – double yarns) and guessed at the needle sizing – size 8. The seed stitching went well, but when I got to the knit stitches, the yarn was tight and not very fun to knit with. My only (completely uneducated guess) is that I sized the needles right for the seed stitching, but for the knitting, they were too small?


So, you guessed it – I ended up working the entire blanket in seed stitch. For a more advanced knitter, I'm sure this is completely boring, but for me – it was exactly what I needed…an action that didn't require too much thought and would limit my frustrations.

Regardless, I love this little blanket and I love the feeling I got from working on it. Although, I would probably cast on a few less stitches next time to make it more square-shaped. As it is, I am very excited to cuddle our newest family member in some handmade goodness.

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