Learning numerals 1-5, Montessori-style

I had every intention of posting about some of the very cool books I have been reading lately, but I've got Montessori on the brain (I'm finishing up my 3-6 Language album). I've been skimming my pictures as I write and I came across these two:


(Sea-Life matching)
These are two activities I came up with for my Montessori math album originals. Since I am not teaching this year, these two activities were created specifically for my son, who turned three in November. I don't have the sandpaper numerals and they were never a big hit in my classroom with the younger kids. So, I was trying to think of a way to continue to expose him to the numerals 1-5 and their associated quantities. Ta-da!

(Play-doh numeral shapes)
This activity was based on a reverse of another I saw at the training. I was hoping to get him to notice the shapes of the numerals by filling them in with play-doh (or salt-dough). Unfortunately, in September, when I tested these on him, this was a little too advanced. But, I am happy to say that he is now making a few of the numerals – and I see him trace them with his finger. Ooh – I am so making some sandpaper numerals (or salt dough numerals) for him this weekend. Plus, he expanded this work and we started to make little balls to fill in the black dots.

He has outgrown the Sea-Life Matching and has 1-5 and their corresponding quantities down pat. I am brainstorming a new activity that will address numerals 6-10 in the same manner.