As our morning walks have become more prevalent, we've begun to linger outside for just a little bit longer.

A little bit longer to enjoy the fresh air…

A little bit longer to watch the everyday morning activities as they happen,

A little bit longer to enjoy the trees – something all three of us appreciate.


And, on these walks, we often see that "summer" is nearing to an end as the babies are starting to get bigger each time we see them – and the air is staying cooler for just a little bit longer – every morning. We've started our indoor seedlings in preparation for the Florida growing season and my baby has started to roll over every time we place him on his belly.

School is back in session and the parks are quieter, but we are still learning all the time. I've been enjoying this book and we've started with the elements: lines.


We're working on generalities, so lines have been found in art, on the ground, in nature. Not surprisingly, this also ties in nicely with a Montessori activity: walking the line. Typically, this is a group activity, but it's a nice way to focus an active three-year-old and work on some gross motor skills. And, well, it's lots of fun too.



2 thoughts on “lines

  1. Madeline

    The baby ducks are such cuties! Sounds like a good book. Have you ever looked at drawing with children by mona brooks. It’s for a little older but not much.

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