Making – K’nex Bridges

The Brick Chronicles feature unique creations made with Lego® bricks. Hopefully you, and the children in your life, will find them as inspiring as I do!

A picture of a mini bridge made from K'nex pieces

Made by C, age 6.

K’nex Bridges

It’s not made from Lego bricks, but it is building and constructing nonetheless. This particular type of building is a reflection on his continual interest in bridges. One evening while my youngest had me all to himself, he brought out the K’nex box and suggested we have a bridge building contest. He was especially proud of his homemade double bascule bridge.

A picture of a double bascule bridge made from K'nex pieces

He was testing and changing his design.

A picture of a 2-panel K'nex bridge

My attempt at making a stable, elevated bridge.

A picture of a stabilized double-bascule bridge made from K'nex pieces

He stabilized the bridge and now can easily lift up the roadway.

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