leading the way

(Photo take by Natalie's dad )

This kid's got confidence. There is no doubt about that. After watching the adults figure out the map, he asked for it and began plotting our way. (Of course, his friend Natalie helped too).

One of the many things I love about this parenting journey is being able to sit back and watch the thought process unfold. Ronan is an observer. Give him a room full of children and he will sit and watch their actions for a long time. It takes him many, many sessions to decide to participate in any organized type of event. 

He is the child who, when given three choices, will suggest a fourth (much to the occasional frustration of his parents). If it involves building/fixing/demolition, he is the guy for you. He will jump right in and help you install a sprinkler system or put together a cabinet. He has a confidence about these activities – he's not afraid to jump in and try and fail.

With other activities, he needs that time to figure out how it works. Thankfully, we are able to give him that time. He can follow his own map for his life journey. Its path has yet to be determined and right now there is only a pencil to use – easy to erase and make a new mark, a new a path.

We will continue to offer choices and make suggestions. We will be his guide on this journey – helping him to recognize that we are one big community – responsible to each other in the choices we make. But, as the same time, he is already leading the way. 


(A car he made from his building supplies. He designed it to work on the carpet.)

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  1. Madeline

    Sounds like you have quite the engineer on your hands. The coolest part of being a parent is definitely watching your children unfold before your very eyes.

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