Montessori Octahedron Mobile


Ironically, this was the second Montessori book I ever read – before I had children. I was weeding the education section at the community college library where I worked and stumbled across a lot of books written by or about this person called Montessori.

I opened up these books to determine if the information was still accurate and ended up checking out most of them to take home and read at leisure (definitely before I had kids). After discovering that she had been around for quite a while, I had a hard time understanding how I could have missed Dr. Montessori’s writings. I hold a minor in secondary education and we had discussed Piaget and his writings ad nauseam. Piaget was a student of Montessori – why were her observations omitted?

Needless to say, I was hooked on this “new” way of thinking – respect the child, follow their interests and address them in a non-condescending manner. I knew this was how I wanted to raise my own children.

And while I had Montessori in mind when Ronan was born, we did not implement the ideas in the book. I hadn’t found my creative side yet- it was dormant beneath years of status quo – and so we didn’t implement anything Montessori in our home until Ronan was about 20 months-old.

With Calum, we hope to start a bit earlier. He’s been enjoying his Montessori-inspired fish mobile, but it is time to change his mobile and once again I came across Montessori From the Start. So, this weekend I made him a new mobile :: octahedrons.


Here’s what the book says about baby mobiles:
“For the first few months, a mobile over the child-bed helps to develop the baby’s abilities to explore     the world visually. The baby gradually develops focus on a moving object, tracking of an object, and     perception of color and depth. The mobile is changed every two weeks or so to accommodate the         infant’s habituation to that particular mobile and to match her progressive visual development.             Hence, the first mobile portrays flat, black and white geometric shapes and reflected light from a         glass sphere. Subsequent ones are introduced in ordered sequence: three octahedrons of colored         metallic paper, ideally each in a primary color; five Styrofoam balls covered with embroidery thread     in gradations of the same color and hung in ascending order from darkest to lightest; stylized paper     figurines of light metallic colored paper that move with the slightest current of air; and finally,             stylized wooden figures painted in pastel colors” (Montessori From the Start, p. 44)


It seems that this mobile is should have been introduced a month ago for Calum, but I think he can still appreciate the shape and colors. The next mobile is this one, and I think I just might cheat and buy this lovely version at Etsy.



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