Lesson One – Move the Cat in Scratch 2.0

Introduction to Scratch 2.0 – Lesson One

Move the Cat in Scratch 2.0

In this lesson, we are going to jump right into using Scratch. Let’s get your sprite, Scratchy the cat, to move across the screen. At the end of this lesson, you should know how to:

  • locate the motion palette
  • define Scratch’s palette
  • utilize the move and wait blocks to move Scratchy

Sign In
First, you need to log in to the Scratch web site. Remember that you created an account in the preliminary lesson and we will save all of your work through Scratch’s web site.

Once you’ve signed in, click on “create” and it will take you to the Scratch editor (this is where you will make your programs).

Scratch_lesson1_create2Now, we have access to the Scratch 2.0 editor. We will be using this editor to write our programs in Scratch.


Move the Cat
You can watch the short video below to learn how motion works in Scratch. Be sure to click on the button, pictured here, if you want to make the video bigger.


Lesson #1: Move Scratchy

Now that you are familiar with the motion palette, take some time to explore the following blocks:


In lesson two, we will save our first project. Have fun exploring the blocks and playing around with Scratch.