My son wants to go to England to find some Legos®

Legos® are in the news lately (and for much better reasons than the Shell Gas relationship).

Ask Magazine - January 2015

The story also appeared in my son’s recent Ask Magazine

According to this BBC article, in 1997, a container ship dropped its Lego® cargo during a rough storm near England. Seventeen years later, people are still finding legos® that wash up on the shore. We read through the web site and my eldest son has declared his desire to visit the shores of England (despite living in Florida with gorgeous beaches). He’s hoping to snag an octopus or two.

This was an interesting article about how accidents happen, as well as a sneaky way to get kids to think about ocean currents and tidal changes. As he gets older, I am trying to find more ways of encouraging him to think of himself as one part of a large world. But, I need to do it in a way that won’t scare him into thinking danger lurks around every corner (that’s my job as a mom). Hopefully, by sharing international stories as this one, he will become a better world citizen.