our work

this morning…


…an impulse purchase from IKEA. Perhaps you noticed that they're plastic? The very thing I'm trying to avoid. But, the justification?  Oh, it's good.  We've come across this activity twice in the last few weeks. A number of friends have remarked on the hand strengthening that it produces, not to mention the concentration required to create a piece. It's quite in-line with Montessori principles and I have been looking for additional fine motor activities to help Ronan strengthen his hands in preparation for writing. This is a fun start. And, I figured that if we don't melt too many "masterpieces" then we can pass them along and they'll get reused. Right?

…and my curious wee one…


…in motion and into everything. He's been mobile for a long time, but his balance and reach are getting quite high. He still prefers to crawl most places, but he's mastering the art of stopping while walking to regain his balance in order to continue in an upright position. He'll walk across the room now – if he wants to. Of course, he'll walk anywhere in order to get that piece of paper that was just out of reach only a few weeks ago. 

…and a Montessori wrap-up (hopefully)…


…I'm finishing up my geography/history/science albums and the language portfolio. It's been fun to work on these "loose" ends of mine. And, I've thoroughly enjoyed using my teaching brain and getting excited about some new activities and materials to show Ronan. Though, if I see one more phonogram booklet, I really might scream. 

In the end, we're quite happy to be able to do our work on this day. A happy and productive way to boost our brainpower and increase our knowledge. Beautiful.

2 thoughts on “our work

  1. Madeline

    I’m none too keen on plastic either, but I remember those from my childhood. They are really fun and a good challenge for little ones.

  2. Brandi

    Hey, one way to strengthen hands for neaten handwriting is swinging. Apparently it strengthens the wrist muscles needed for fine motor skills like writing. A friend of mine used to teach kindergarten before staying home with her kids and she said that’s what she was told at various workshops.
    So swinging in the backyard suddenly has a higher priority!

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