Lesson Two – Paint Editor in Scratch 2.0

Introduction to Scratch 2.0 – Lesson Two

Using the Paint Editor in Scratch 2.0

Let’s draw!

In this lesson we will be working with the paint editor. This is the place where we can change the appearance of our sprites and background. At the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • identify the costume tab
  • complete simple edits to a sprite’s costume
  • save your project

Sign In
Open another browser tab (so you can keep this class open), then go and sign into the Scratch web site.  Remember to click on the “Create” button to access the editor.


Saving Your Work
Once you see the editor, you will want to name your project. Right now, it just says, “Untitled.” We will be making superheroes in this lesson so you may want to name it after your favorite superhero. It can be a made-up name, such as “Super Long Arms Man!”


Watch the Second Lesson


Now, it’s your turn to make a superhero. Can you turn Scratchy into a superhero? You can make Scratchy into whatever type of superhero that you would like.  Your project will remain private and only you can see it, unless you decide to “share” it. In the next lesson, we will talk about how to find our saved work.

If you need it, use this PDF document on how to use the Scratch 2.0 editor. You can find out more from the Scratch wiki article on the paint editor.

Make a Copy (or duplicate) of your Sprite

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