printing with yarn

Mondays seem to be “art” days around here. I like staying at home on these days after an active weekend. Often, I have a bit of downtime on Sunday which allows me to plan out our Monday morning. After our morning walk, R worked on a nature collage while I took advantage of the lengthy nap my wee one was partaking in.

We have two birthdays comings up and homemade cards were on the docket – which coincided nicely with a growing library book stack that needed to be addressed. I was on the lookout for a craft project that would double as a birthday card. So, I pulled some books from the bottom of the pile for a quick scan and found this one. Many of the projects in this book are too advanced for my three-year-old (or so I thought), but I was drawn to one that I wanted to try – printing with string  – a natural fit, don’t you think?


I drew out a picture with pencil and glued down some old wool yarn (too scratchy) that I had in my stash. Once the glue dried (a couple of hours), I painted the yarn and made a “print” from the raised yarn. While I was working on this project, my curious three-year-old requested some yarn to cut – and a hand-drawn candle of his own to cover in string.


Of course, he needed a print of his own yarn creation.


This was the first of many (mine and his), but the wheels are already spinning for new ideas. I think t-shirts might be an interesting mommy and daddy project. Or, cloth bags for the grocery store. We’ll stick with paper cards for now.


Happy weekend!


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