Rainy Day Reflections

Today I am listening to ::

:: Calum cooing and giggling on the floor next to me,

:: the thunderstorm rumbling (quite loudly) all around me,

:: the cats meowing with discontentment (about the storm),

:: Ronan and I singing – as per his request this morning.

There will be a lot of singing and thunder rumbling in our morning. As a kid, I loved rainy days – it meant the perfect excuse to lay around all day and read, read, read.

And, when we get tired of reading, I think some gluing may be in order.

(Homemade apron – made by Aunt Jackie – check!)

(Contentment with a q-tip, glue and some scraps? Check!)

What are your rainy day plans?

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Reflections

  1. Madeline

    The rain just started up around here. We have the lovely pitter patter to go to sleep by. Don’t forget to go splash in the puddles once the thunder has ended.

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