Scratch Across the Curriculum

A couple of years ago, I began a journey to create resources to teach computer programming concepts across the curriculum. Rather than just teach programming, I would show students how to use the icon-based programming language, Scratch. In turn, they could learn about various topics and demonstrate their knowledge of these topics by creating animations, interactive designs and simple games using Scratch as their presentation medium.

I had these courses in a course management system (Sensei), but the upkeep has not been cost effective. Therefore, I am releasing the contents in the hope that students and teachers find it and begin to implement Scratch across the curriculum. As always, these ideas are always under construction and I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Scratch Across the Curriculum: Introduction to Scratch 2.0

A picture of a computer with Scratch on the screen.

Icon-based programming tools, like Scratch, help to make writing code more accessible…and fun.


Scratch Across the Curriculum: Wright Brothers

A picture of the Wright B flyer, sold in 1910.

The first Wright airplane for sale in 1910. It was called the Wright Model B. Image taken from the National Air and Space Museum online archives. Image #SI2003-31617