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Over the past four years, I have developed a number of activities related to the icon-based programming language Scratch. While teaching, I found that most students needed a jump-start on how to use Scratch. These first few lessons would cover how to move the cat, how to use the ‘wait’ block (and why you need to use it) and how to use the paint editor. After that they were ready to tackle some projects – as long as those projects had a lot of creative license.

I am including those handouts below. Some of them have screen shots from the offline editor, Version 1.4. This version is easier for young Scratchers to get started and it helps students to get comfortable drawing their own images (rather than just swiping them from the web). These handouts are free to use for teachers, librarians and students, but please contact me (liz(at) if you would like to re-publish them or produce them for profit.

Beginning Scratch Challenges

Intermediate Scratch Challenges

  • Lesson/Project: Green Operator Blocks (screenshots) – PDF
  • Lesson/Project: Sensing Blocks (screenshots) – PDF
  • Project: “Space Invaders” (screenshots) –PDF
  • Project: “Pacman” (screenshots) –  PDF

Advanced Scratch Challenges

  • Lesson/Project: Storyboard & Fractured Fairy Tale – PDF
  • Project: “Interactive Country Map” – PDF
  • Project: “Crossy Road” – PDF

Since teachers can always use new ideas, you may want to check out this site, which lists a number of additional Scratch challenges.