Simple Subtraction

As I've come to realize that parenting is a very grey area, I've also come to appreciate this about homeschooling. Specifically, what is it that I am really concerned about Ronan's homeschooling…at least at this moment. (Because, oh yes, it changes often).

Do I want to follow the Montessori guidelines? Do I want to be sure he can reassimilate into a traditional school setting, if need be?

I've already veered from Montessori on the teaching of language. Well, with the American Montessori Association's interpretation of Dr. Montessori's work anyway. (As I understand it, Italian is a mostly phonetic language, so the American-version has required a number of tweaks).

I finally decided to show him simple subtraction rather than simple multiplication after he mastered simple addition. (According to my AMS-training, you show the child simple multiplication since it is essentially adding multiple times). But, all of the worksheets for kindergarten and first grade have subtraction problems. (And, yes, we occasionally do worksheets. It's good practice and he likes it).  So, I relented a bit.


I don't think I needed to worry since I realized he was already subtracting things in our everyday life. I used the words "take away" so that he would remember how to find the answer and after that it was only a matter of familiarizing himself with the subtraction symbol.


I love the way Dr. Montessori devised her math materials – simple, yet brilliant.