As a native Floridian, I have never really felt like I was missing anything during the winter months. There was the ocassional ping of desire for a "white Christmas," but it was usually a passing feeling. I never missed the sledding or skiing or fort-building that a lot of kids had growing up. Nor, did I miss all the driving on icy roads and shoveling driveways. (Or, perhaps, that would be my Northern-transplant parents talking).

I think that I never realized exactly what I was missing. After this past weekend, I know what a cool thing snow can be. And, thankfully, so do my kids.







We are so lucky to have lots of family just north of Atlanta. They got lots of snow and we had a chance to partake in all of the fun. (It doesn't hurt that they back up to a golf course…perfect sledding hills for the kids and I). Not so sure I would want to shovel the driveway, but everything else was a blast.


2 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. Madeline

    Such fun! I hope it snows here this year. We got a few flurries. When I pointed them out to Levi, he looked disappointed and said, “I want a big pile of snow at my home. I want to eat it.”


    For a second I almost thought that happened in Gville!! Glad you had a fun snow day 🙂 It’s funny that the South is getting more snow than us so far this winter. And, yes, shoveling driveways and sidewalks is completely overrated.

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