2016 Summer Camps in Alachua County

We had a great time with everyone on Saturday at the Fun4GatorKids ‘2016 Summer Camp Expo’ at Westside Park. We met a number of new faces, chatted with some old friends and learned about some of the other summer camps in Alachua county (synchronized swimming, anyone?).

A picture of tables, computers and legos

It was a gorgeous day to be outside.

Artisan Education’s Summer Camps in Alachua County

For those students who were interested in Code Camp, we had a Scratch maze for the kids to play (made by one of my campers from last year). We also brought a number of different “Lego challenges” for the kids (and parents) to try out. While we primarily focus on computer programming concepts in Robotics for Young Programmers, we also work with a lot of Legos! I didn’t catch everyone’s creations, but captured these few:

a picture of a sailboat out of legos

Challenge: Can you make a sailboat?

A picture of a garden made from lego bricks

Challenge: Can you build a garden?

The name 'Jacob' made out of legos

Challenge: Can you make your name? and, Can you build a giraffe?

We were tired by the end of the day, but grateful for all of the interest and excitement we saw with regards to computer programming, Legos® and becoming makers. I talked up our Making in Action camp and had some props on hand, especially since we’ve narrowed this year’s focus to fairy tales, fractured tales, and all sorts of mythological stories (Greek, Roman and Norse).  This is the starting point for camp and from these ideas students will work together to create their stop-motion animation movie. There will be a lot of choice, but a strong emphasis on teamwork and making revisions, all of which are great skills to practice.

A picture of the sign, Artisan Education

Thanks again to Sign Pro of North Florida for the great looking sign. Thanks to Joe (my husband) for making such an awesome graphic.