summer scavenger hunt

I'm fortunate to be a part of the summer edition of a great online magazine, Rhythm of the Home. This magazine is dedicated to articles that discuss mindful parenting, conscious living and activities that work within the Waldorf and Montessori educational frameworks (all things that are on my brain quite often). I was lucky enough to be able to share one of our outdoor adventures…the scavenger hunt.


Our scavenger hunts were designed to get us out of the house – a little jump start for a boy who is quite engrossed in his morning work. But, sometimes, we need no push, just a breezy day and a willing parent.  On a recent family walk, we stumbled across a fantastic find :: a reddish egret (quite rare for these parts). We all took it in stride as Ronan quietly observed and then suggested that we go on over to the poster depicting the park's wildlife, in order to make a proper identification. His excitement continues to spark my own sense of wonder in this wondrous place we are lucky to call home.

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