Tales from a knitting novice

Although, I was hesitant to post my utter ignorance, I think it is important to note my perseverance. Thus, onward with our tale. First, the background: I have never knit anything in the round. I vaguely know that for a hat one uses circular needles and for socks one uses double pointed needles (which are scary).

Act One, Scene One: A sudden desire to have a handmade hat on my newborn baby (ETA: mid-April) overwhelms all other instincts.

Act One, Scene Two: Witness me dragging my husband (on Valentine's Day, no less) to the yarn store to buy some yummy yarn for the baby's new hat. I found the pattern online and it looked simple enough. There were a few words which I sort of figured out (dpns = double-pointed needles). Eek!

Act Two, Scene One:  A happy, indie, young yarn store worker offers to help me. I ask for the natural fiber section and then see if I can get the run-down on the dpns usage.

Me: "I've never knit anything in the round before…why doesn't it call for circular needles."

Knitter: "Well, you could start on circulars, but then you would have to move to double-pointed needles because a larger circular needle would make it too hard to knit once you start decreasing." (Or, something close to that effect.)

Me: "Oh, I see." (I'm nodding my head, but I'm not really grasping the concept because I don't really have any reference point for the above-stated information.)

Act Three, Scene One: I get home that night and read through the pattern and cast on my 66 stitches thinking, "Wow, this 7-inch needle is kind of tiny for all of my stitches. Oh well…let's see – knit 10 rows. Great."

Act Three, Scene Two: After I've been knitting for a few hours and I'm feeling quite proud of myself for using size 5 needles (the tiniest I've used thus far), a feeling of doubt creeps in.

Me: "Hmmm, this isn't any different from using straight needles. I wonder why it calls for double-pointed needles. I mean, it says on the pattern to use a tapestry needle, I guess you sew up a seam at the end."

Act Three, Scene Three: Open the Stitch N' Bitch book which sort of explains knitting in the round as the immaculate conception and no pictures (quite unusual for such a great book). Start to get really depressed. Realize that there is not supposed to be a seam. The stitches should be connected. Rip out entire work after much contemplation and decision-making about above seam.

Act Three, Scene Four: Elation at remembering the knitting videos web site. Woo-hoo. The hat is back on. Well, sort of.


(the yarn is Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton. It's a brown color – not blue as seen here.)

2 thoughts on “Tales from a knitting novice

  1. Laura

    Okay – I hadn’t read this post when I talked to you, I’d read the one where you said you were going to make a hat. This one made me laugh out loud (wait – I need to clarify – I mean in a totally entertained by your witty dialouge and scene presentation, not at your knitting skills!) The photo actually looks like you’re on the right track. I remembered that when I was doing the circular needles that even with that it didn’t feel quite right until I had a few rows going…then it started to seem more substantial. Don’t worry, baby boy #2 won’t go hatless with a mommy of such great perserverance 🙂

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