The Brick Chronicles :: French Lego R2-D2

The Brick Chronicles feature unique creations made with Lego® bricks. Hopefully you, and the children in your life, will find them as inspiring as I do!

French R2D2 made by R, age 9.

French Lego R2-D2 model made by R, age 9.

Yes, I know that it sounds silly and odd, but my son has got Star Wars on the brain. After seeing the trailer for the next movie, who could blame him? My husband I are just as excited! Old characters, new characters and the potential that good characters have turned to the dark side? Oh, yes, this is definitely a mainstream movie that we will go and see.

In a completely related note, I am quite thrilled that the French language lessons are also rooting somewhere in his brain. Now, if only they would stick as well in mine…



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