The Brick Chronicles :: Lego Spaceship Transporter

The Brick Chronicles feature unique creations made with Lego® bricks. Hopefully you, and the children in your life, will find them as inspiring as I do!

Homemade lego flying office

Homemade lego spaceship transporter

Have I mentioned how much I love legos?

I love that we can have a huge bin of these small, plastic bricks and they can become any toy that my kids want to play with at the moment. This helps them to use their imagination, be creative and to think about the bricks in a new way. My kids can play with legos for hours and the time goes by quickly since they are in a state of flow.  It also cuts down on the clutter (sort of) since we don’t provide shelf space for lots of single-purpose toys.

At our house, these “new” toys become play objects, such as personal offices or your very own fighter jet. These are all of the toys that my kids might want, but that my husband and I do not buy for them.  In this particular case, my youngest son made a spaceship transporter – because who wouldn’t want a place to land your spaceship, especially if it had laser guns!

Check out the personalized laser guns!

Check out the personalized laser guns! Made by C, age 6.