The Brick Chronicles – Lego Vaccine

The Brick Chronicles feature unique creations made with Lego® bricks. Hopefully you, and the children in your life, will find them as inspiring as I do!

A picture of a lego vaccine - a "needle" made from legos

Made by R, age 10.

My kids call this their “Lego shot.” I think that’s much nicer than calling it their Lego hypodermic needle. Don’t you think? Of course, they also run around chasing each other trying to give one other a shot. Hopefully, that makes the real vaccines seem less scary. At least that’s theory I’m going with.

I know. I know. It is an odd thing for me to feature, but it does have some ingenious engineering. When you press down on the “trigger” the tip actually breaks off. You can reattach it, of course, but you have to find it first. Thus, giving your brother some time to get away…

A picture of a lego vaccine

No animals (or people) were hurt in the making of this toy. 🙂