This is My Home, This is My School.

In an effort to utilize my librarian background, I am embarking on a series of book reviews, to be published on Fridays. These reviews will cover science education books for and about children, as well as reality-based children’s books for a Montessori lifestyle.

Picture of cover of the book, This is My Home, This is My School

Written by Jonathan Bean, a grown-up homeschooled student!

Ages 3 and up
Bean, Jonathan. This is My Home, This is My School. Farrar, Straus & Giroux: New York, 2015.

We love Bean’s other book, Building Our House, so when I noticed he had another book coming out, I immediately placed it on hold at our local library. Then, I heard that it was about a homeschooling family. Can you guess how excited I was? Most homeschooling books are written by adults for homeschooling parents, the notable exception being the Teen Liberation Handbook, which is intended for teenagers (and has some extreme viewpoints). Honestly, I can’t think of any mainstream children’s book that features a homeschooler. That alone would merit a more favorable review, but Bean needs no extra help. His book can stand on its own. It’s that good.

This is My School

We love this author-illustrator and my kids love that he is a former homeschooler. Even if you aren’t a homeschooler, you will love this sweet story about a family living and learning at home…and in the stream…and out in the world. This is My Home, This is My School offers simple sentences and funny pictures, so it’s perfect for a short attention span. The watercolor illustrations add much to the story and we spent extra time looking over each scene. Homeschooling parents will appreciate the messy house and the overwhelmed teacher-mom jokes, while kids will see the gigantic backyard and wish they had one too.

Picture of treehouse from the book, This is My Home, This is My School

A picture of their “playground” – a fabulous treehouse where the author, presumably, grew up.

The story begins with Jonathan who is describing his home (which we saw built in This is Our House), and then telling the readers that this is also his school. With short descriptions and lots of bright and vivid illustrations, the readers see how Jonathan and his sisters learn at home. Sometimes they sit at the table and do paperwork – just like in traditional school. But, sometimes, they are off in the pond, collecting specimens and learning about science. Sometimes they are reading in bed and that counts for literature class. Occasionally, their teacher is frustrated, angry and worn down – just like in traditional school! But, always, there is learning and love and a strong conviction that this is the right path for Jonathan and his family.

Picture from Jonathan Bean's This is My Home, This is My School.

Picture from Jonathan Bean’s This is My Home, This is My School.

Just like in This is Our House, at the end of the book there are old family photographs of Jonathan and his sisters. Although I love his picture books (and so do my boys), I think I love these family tidbits the most. The homeschooling parent in me appreciates the obvious love and joy he had growing up as a homesteading homeschooler. It’s just a little affirmation in support of a not-so-uncommon life path. Homeschooling does work and it can be successful and joyful.