Work is Play

We each have our own work that we need to concentrate on…sometimes it is for outside pay, sometimes there is a handmade present that needs to be finished, and sometimes it is learning how to share. But, yesterday, we all went to our respective corners and went to work.  I reveled in the return of my sewing machine (it has been at the day spa being pampered for the last 2 weeks), and got to work on my long list of projects. So, while I was working on this…

Yes, that would be some bias tape that I need to bind a quilt that should have been finished, um, two months ago. But, I digress.

My boys, on the other hand, were working on a completely different project. But, having a wonderful, bonding experience.


There are so many days when this is an impossible activity (Mommy has to go to the store, Daddy has a call and we need to work on our inside voice, or quite frankly, I just don't want to deal with the mess). So, this is so exciting when they both get to let loose and enjoy the day.

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