Wrapped up in mama-made love

I greatly admire all of those women (and dads, working moms, etc.) who can juggle the kids, provide home-cooked healthy food, sew most of the family's wardrobe, sustain a wonderful marriage, grow a home business while the kids sleep – and still manage to produce healthy, well-adjusted homeschooled kids. Whew! I'm not there yet, but I'm pretty happy with the stuff I do manage to do well. Which means that every once in a while, my kids get some mama-made goodness. 


Pajama pants. My absolute favorite thing to sew. They sew up fast and make me feel like I can/do provide for my family a la Ma Ingalls. (It's this pattern, found a few years ago). I've used tracing paper and made numerous pants. Thank goodness my oldest son enjoys picking out fabric – bright orange and busy. His favorite.

And, since it's one of the few items that actually gets finished around here…why not wear them as pants? with shoes. outside.


Those are Christmas Eve pajamas – still going. Not too bad for a thrifted flannel sheet. (I made the pants one size bigger and tacked at the bottom…next year they should still be in one piece).

Since there are two boys in the family now, my littlest one has also been included in this new pajama pants tradition. (How I love sewing for two – so much fun)! I traced a pair of his regular pants and this time, remembered to make the waist a bit wider so the elastic could stretch.


A quick side note: how do those mamas of multiples get a picture with both of the kids together? Clean and in the same pair of pants at the same time? I'm perplexed. Formal portraits aside, the pants fit him and I love seeing him wearing them. Oh, yes, pajama pants – they make me feel good.

(Apparently, I neglect sweeping up after breakfast in favor of sewing pajama pants. Sigh.)

5 thoughts on “Wrapped up in mama-made love

  1. Madeline

    I wish I knew how people manage juggling all of it…especially with multiple kids. I get behind on things all the time and I just have the one. Oh, and my floors (and more) get neglected all the time in favor of sewing.

  2. Brandi

    To get a nice picture of two smiling kids, I put them both standing together or sitting on the couch and then take about 20 pictures. Usually one is decent and one is funny and the rest are duds. Just don’t show anybody the duds and you look like a fantastic photographer. 🙂

  3. Liz

    Madeline! Nice to see you back…married and expecting. 🙂 I’m sending you good thoughts. (Thank you also for the kind comments on neglectful housekeeping…it is the one thing that REALLY falls off my to-do list).

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