Wright Brothers and the Discovery, History & Future of Flight

Scratch Across the Curriculum :: Wright Brothers

In this beginner course, students will expand their knowledge about the famous Wright brothers while working on essential skills in Scratch.The Wright Brothers’ successful completion of a manned flight in 1903 was the culmination of years of research, both by the brothers and many other courageous inventors. As they perfected the airplane in subsequent years, their work and engineering directly led to space travel and numerous other discoveries.


  1. Introduction to Scratch and the Wright Brothers
  2. Manipulate your background and learn about the Wright’s first business ventures.
  3. Learn how to make conversations in Scratch.
  4. Final Project and the importance of a growth mindset.
A picture of the Wright B flyer, sold in 1910.

The first Wright airplane for sale in 1910. It was called the Wright Model B. Image taken from the National Air and Space Museum online archives. Image #SI2003-31617

To keep reading about the Wright Brothers, check out these sites from NASA:

  1. Biography on Wilbur Wright
  2. Biography on Orville Wright

We used many resources to develop this course, though we relied heavily upon the wonderful resources available at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. We are especially grateful for their online resource, The Wright Brothers. In addition, we found the book, First to Fly, to be especially helpful with regards to Orville and Wilbur’s family history.