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Amanda Sudimack

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Imagine turning your camera into a real  business? The kind with predictable profits that make your creative soul happy and pay for your...

Tap into my 20+ years (and counting) of profitable studio know-how in my upcoming (free) masterclass training delivered to your inbox. You'll learn the top 5 mistakes you can't afford to make building your wedding & portrait photo biz and 5 quick fixes to help you create more profits in your business today. Join the free training waitlist now and I'll see you inside...bells and whistles ready.

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The top 3 things you MUST HAVE to be a premium, profitable photographer (Psst. your gear, fancy studio space, or years of experience aren't on the list).

The perfect marketing strategy for photographers that doesn't interfere with booked wedding or portrait clients and turned a single client into $388K+ in revenue (without interrupting my weekends or family time)

The two types of 100K photo clients (and one isn't what you think)

5 proven strategies I used to turn 10 photo clients into $1M+ worth of business—and you can too!

what you'll learn IN THIS WORKSHOP:

How do I find the right clients with real money that appreciate the work I make?
Why are my clients always asking for digital files and never buying prints and albums?
Why am I working for free to build that ✨ perfect ✨ portfolio while 'Effortless Emma', my competition who makes uninspiring work, charges twice as much as me and books all the contracts!?!

Have you ever wondered...

I want to show you what your dream photo biz can look and FEEL like—it's just on the other side of that deep, frustrated sigh you exhale as you agree to shoot another boring corporate headshot (you swore you'd never do again) just to pay off that new lens you've been stalking. I hear you, friend—let me show you a few secrets I used to grow my photo biz from sub-zero to 7-figures.

Aspiring photographers everywhere at any stage of business! If you dream of owning a profitable photo business that creates more impact and less stress in your life, this training is for you!


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